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Hello and welcome. In all likelihood, you have heard about asbestos at some point or another. This chemical was once used frequently throughout the United States. However, this started to change after researchers discovered that it could be hazardous to one’s health. Eventually, the utilization of asbestos was practically banned. Nonetheless, this does not mean that asbestos has been removed from each and every building in the state of Connecticut. In fact, there are still many commercial buildings and residential dwellings in the state that have a significant amount of asbestos.

Asbestos is incredibly dangerous and you should never attempt to remove this chemical on your own. Instead, you should make contact with our company. We offer asbestos removal in CT and we’ll be able to remove each and every piece of asbestos from your home.

Get Educated On Asbestos

Almost everyone has heard the term “asbestos”, but this does not necessarily mean that they know what it stands for. Asbestos has been utilized since the late 1800s, in almost every industry in North America. Asbestos naturally occurs in the environment and has been linked to a wide range of illnesses, especially cancer. The fibers will breakdown into threads, making it easier for humans to inhale them into their lungs. The fibers can stay in the lungs for an extremely long time, causing massive scarring and inflammation. Over time, the victim will begin exhibiting respiratory, gastrointestinal and kidney problems, linked to the asbestos exposure.

The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) banned the use of asbestos in compounds used for wallboard patching, in the late 1970s. Before 1979, asbestos was also embedded into electric hairdryers until manufactures voluntarily stopped using it. The EPA or U.S. Environmental Protection Agency finally banned all new uses of asbestos in 1989. However, industries are still allowed to use asbestos developed before 1989, with stiffer regulations for school systems.

Asbestos was also used to create crayons, but the CPSC became concerned about the children’s exposure to the fibers. However, the cases were really low, so American manufacturers decided to eliminate talc from their products, without CPSC needing to enforce any type of regulation or hand out penalties.

Difficult To Detect

It should come as no surprise that asbestos can be very difficult to detect. The truth of the matter is that this chemical normally lingers in the most covert locations. In most homes, it is found behind the walls. Most homeowners will never remove their paneling or drywall and therefore the asbestos can remain hidden for a long duration. This is incredibly problematic, since prolonged exposure to asbestos will greatly increase the risks involved. If you happen to believe there could be asbestos in your home, it is essential to find out for certain as quickly as possible.

This is why you’ll want to contact us. We offer comprehensive asbestos testing services in CT. We’ll be able to inspect your home and quickly identify potentially problematic spots. Then, we’ll test the chemicals and determine whether or not your home is covered in asbestos. If it is, you won’t need to go far. We also offer asbestos abatement in CT. We are truly your one-stop shop for asbestos removal.

A Safe Solution

It should be known that asbestos is immensely dangerous. Exposing yourself to this chemical will prove to be enormously risky. Therefore, it is generally best to avoid it at all costs. This is why you’ll want to rely on us. We offer the most comprehensive and safest asbestos removal services in CT. Our technicians are thoroughly trained and know precisely how to handle this material, while greatly decreasing the risks. At the same time, we have access to protective clothing that will be able to keep us safe throughout the entire process.

And of course, you can rest assured knowing we’ll dispose of the material safely. There will never be a risk that someone else could be exposed to the asbestos in the future.

Our Price Quotes

If you take the time to speak with asbestos experts, you will quickly discover that removal services can be fairly expensive. Many people will be taken aback by the overall cost of such services. Nonetheless, we will always strive to provide you with the most generous price possible. Our innovative and efficient protocol can be carried out in the most cost effective manner and we also offer quotes to ensure the client is never forced to pay more than absolutely necessary. We would also like to inform our clients and potential clients that our quotes are binding.

This prohibits us from manipulating the price in the future, unless we’re able to lower it.

Complies With All Laws

Due to the risky nature of asbestos, the state and federal governments have put laws in place to make sure consumers are protected when working with an asbestos contractor. You can rest assured knowing our company follows a strict protocol to ensure we remain in full compliance with each and every one of these regulations. We are also licensed by the state of Connecticut. Our license has remained in good standing for many years, because we always follow the laws and always strive for betterment.

Our Benefits

Our company always strives to provide the client with the best service possible. We understand that our competition is heavy and this gives us more motivation to continually seek betterment. Below, you will learn about some of the benefits related to working with our company.

  • We have been licensed by the state of Connecticut for many years. This tells clients that we always comply with state and federal laws.
  • We are well aware of the risks involved with asbestos and know precisely how to remove the material safely.
  • We’re happy to take the risks, so the client and their family doesn’t need to.
  • Our company is also insured. Should anything go awry during the removal process, you won’t have to worry about it. Our insurance will cover the costs.
  • We utilize the most innovative abatement techniques to ensure maximum cost effectiveness.


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