Exploring The Question, “What Is Asbestos Removal”

Asbestos just naturally occurs in the environment, making it very difficult to avoid exposure. The fibrous mineral has been utilized since the late 1800s, so it could be found in older building structures, ships, grooming products and crayons. However, many manufactures have voluntarily agreed to stop utilizing the materials in their products. Many companies continue to utilize new asbestos materials created before 1989, with approval from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Below, you will discover the answer and more information about the question, “What Is Asbestos Removal”.

Does Asbestos Need To Be Removed

Asbestos can be found in almost any building structure that was constructed before 1970s. All building owners will probably be concerned about asbestos exposure, but they should not worry too much. Asbestos that is in good repair will not need to be removed. In fact, there are currently no laws that require building owners to remove the asbestos. It is crucial to keep the asbestos in good repair, since asbestos is made of bundled fibers, when broken down can be inhaled into the respiratory tract. These fibers will remain in the respiratory tract for an extremely long time, without causing any complications.


Many investors will purchase older buildings and demolish them, instead of trying to repair them. When this occurs, the owner will need to hire a licensed inspector to determine if any asbestos materials are present. If asbestos is detected, it will need to be fully removed, before the demolition process is initiated. Asbestos can be found in wallboards, floor tile, vinyl sheet flooring, mastics, and joint compound, siding, roofing and heating system insulation. The EPA will penalize building owners that fail to have the property properly inspected, prior to renovation or demolition. This penalty may include costs of cleanup, monitoring, disposal and decontamination.

Samples will need to be sent to a private testing laboratory, where testing will be completed to analyze the sample. If asbestos is present, the Department of Labor will perform a hazard inspection for all non-federal public workplaces.

Hiring A Removal Company

Once the inspector determines that asbestos is present in the building, you will be required to hire a removal company. It is crucial to only hire a DLS certified Removal Company, because this professional has been properly trained and educated on asbestos removal. The process requires special equipment and containment, including air filtration machines. The area must be contains properly to prevent the fibers from spreading into the environment.


The building owner will need to file for MassDEP, this requirement must be completed at least 10 ten days prior to the removal process. The removal job is very tedious and must be completed in a manner that will keep the public and workers safe. Notifications of removal must be posted, where the public can see it, in the form of a decal or poster. All asbestos materials are disposed of in special places inside the landfill. Mishandling of these materials could impose serious fines, which will become the responsibility of building owner.

Now that you know the answer to “what is asbestos removal”, you will be better prepared for the undertaking. If you need asbestos removal in CT, contact us.

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