Why Is Asbestos Manufacturing Now Banned?

If you’ve heard of asbestos, you’ve no doubt heard that it is extremely bad for you. Otherwise, they wouldn’t bother banning it, right? If asbestos was so harmful, why was it used in the first place? What makes asbestos so bad and potentially harmful? These are all great questions and probably ones you are asking … Read more

What You Need To Know About Asbestos Siding

If you’ve made it this far, you likely have some concerns about asbestos. You’ve probably heard that the building material was widely used in home and building manufacturing before the 80s and poses extreme risks. You might have even heard that the material is still in rotation today, although its sale and manufacturer only account … Read more

The Appearance Of Asbestos Ceiling Tiles

What do ceiling tiles look like when they contain asbestos? Will you be able to spot them easily? You may have asbestos ceiling tiles in your home, but finding out will not be easy. It is estimated that up to 10% of ceiling tiles in the US contain this toxic material. What do they look … Read more

Determining The Difference Between Asbestos Insulation And Cellulose Insulation

When you decide to tackle a renovation or demolition project, you’re likely going to encounter many different materials. The insulation in your home is important because it helps trap heat so you can stay warm during the winter months. Alternatively, it can trap cool temperatures in the summer to keep you cool. Unfortunately, insulation was … Read more

How To Identify A Asbestos Popcorn Ceiling?

When most homeowners think of asbestos, the ceiling never comes to mind. Insulation, tile, roof shingles, and plumbing pipes, yes, but not the ceiling. It is impossible to identify a ceiling with an asbestos base just by looking at it. In fact, an asbestos ceiling looks very similar to vermiculite and polystyrene ceilings. The one … Read more

Getting Materials Tested For Asbestos

Do you suspect that your home may contain asbestos? It could. It is often hard to know for certain until you’ve had the material tested by a professional. Unfortunately, it is difficult to identify asbestos materials because they don’t stand out. They don’t have a unique appearance or smell. You won’t be able to detect … Read more

How Long Can Asbestos Fiber Lingers In The Air?

Asbestos is a dangerous material that can cause serious health issues. When someone is exposed to this material, they’re likely going to get sick. Long-term exposure is even worse. Therefore, it is never wise to live in a home that has asbestos fibers in the atmosphere. If you do, you’re going to continue inhaling these … Read more

Is It Possible To Remove Asbestos On My Own?

You’ll want to remove asbestos from your home as quickly as possible. Otherwise, the risk that you’re going to inhale asbestos fibers is going to be high. The only issue is that removing it means that you’re going to disturb the material and release the fibers into the air. Unfortunately, DIY methods are generally not … Read more